And the Winner Is…

Our Vodka Rocks! Creative Video Contest has come to an end, and we’re happy to have had the chance to see so many talented people come up with such original edits.

The goal of this contest was to take the Vodka Rocks! original sound track, and edit a short creative video that reflected your vision of the music.  We received a wide variety of entries, from trailer-like cuts of clips from the movie, to stop-motion animation, dance footage, and an original illustrated animation.  We couldn’t choose a winner ourselves from the entries, so we left it to our fans to decide.  We decided that by Tuesday March 5th, whichever entry had gained the most views on YouTube would be declared the winner.

We’d like to congratulate Bozzo for generating the most views with his video entry, an original take on the track that mixes footage of dancing with the theme of alcohol (two things that seem to go together quite often).  Bozzo says about himself,

My ambitions are to work hard and learn every day. I create lots of intro and outro effects for videos, convert videos to cartoon animations, and do all kinds of video production related things.

 My inspiration is a kind of talent for the arts. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina in town Tuzla, am all self taught, and I love to work with video effects. The Vodka Rocks! music is very good and the track inspired me- it has a nice tempo.

His video entry can be seen here:

Choosing a single winner was not such an easy task, however.  We know that views alone do not determine the quality of a video, and there are other measurements that can be used to show how much a video was enjoyed.  Lokesh Todi’s entry, a fun combination of clips from the film, gained the second most views but also had the most comments and likes.  Because of this, we’d also like to announce Lokesh Todi as another winner, alongside Bozzo! His entry can be seen here:

Congratulations to both of our winners, we will be contacting you soon with the details of your prizes.  And we’d like to say thank you once again to all of our contestants!  Every entry submitted was unique, well edited, and a pleasure to watch.  Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean your works of art are, and we will continue sharing your videos with others around the world!

Voting Begins for Creative Video Contest!

The Vodka Rocks! video contest is in its final stage.  The videos have all been uploaded to YouTube, and now its up to our fans to determine who is the winner.

In one week from today, we will choose the video that has the most views as our winner.  So how can you support your favorite?  Share it with friends, family, and any place you think could help it get more views!  One of these upcoming filmmakers will win a prize, but we hope that by sharing everyone’s work we can help support all of our contestants.

The goal of this contest was to use the Vodka Rocks! title track in a short creative video, using clips from the film or original footage in a way that reflects the filmmaker’s vision of the track.  The six entries we received are posted below- which one is your favorite?

Best of luck to everyone! The winner will be announced one week from today.

Baljeet Stop Motion Entry

Baljeet Animated Entry

Derek Salvatore Entry

Lokesh Todi Entry

Bozzzo Entry

Bryan Leichter Entry

Subtitling Vodka Rocks!

Do you speak Spanish, Russian, or any other foreign language?

We want to reach out to all of our international friends by adding subtitles to our YouTube videos. allows anybody to add subtitles to a YouTube video in any language they want, and in just a matter of minutes.  It’s simple- watch a video and type out what is being said, then sync up the text and you’re done!

We have already added English subtitles to our 0% Alcohol Vodka Reveal video to test out the program and help show what is being said, but we could use your help.  We’d like to share our videos with non-English speaking users, and in order to do that we need people who speak other languages to help us write subtitles.

Doing so is simple: Go to our video page (HERE) and select a video. At the bottom of the video should be a tab that says “Subtitle Me” – click that, and then simply select the language the video is in (English) and the language you are writing subtitles in.  After that, you can just follow the simple steps laid out clearly by the site.

We appreciate all the help and support that our fans give us.  If you want to help us out with subtitles, we’ll be sure to give you a shoutout for your help on Facebook and Twitter, and give you our most sincere thanks!

Here’s an example of what the subtitles look like- isn’t it nice?

Vodka Rocks! Video Contest Continues

This week, we have another entry for the VODKA ROCKS! creative video contest.  Bryan Leichter has created a fun video using the VODKA ROCKS! title track and clips from the film.  His combination of  footage, logos, and hand-written messages, along with the film’s track, give a sense of the film’s themes and characters.

The VODKA ROCKS! video challenge will continue for three more weeks, after which we will stop accepting entries and start counting video views!  The video that has the most views will win the contest and a prize, so if there is one entry that stands out you can help it by sharing it with friends and family.

VODKA ROCKS! Video Challenge Continues!

We have two new video entries for our Vodka Rocks! video challenge, with some very original and creative ideas.  Our challenge allows anyone to take the Vodka Rocks! Title Track song and use it to edit their own short video, using clips from the movie, still images, or anything else that comes to mind.

Here are two more examples of what our fans created:

To see more entries and find out more about the contest, the original blog post can be found here:

VODKA ROCKS! Video Challenge

The VODKA ROCKS! title sound track, which is available for free online, has been the source of inspiration for several filmmakers throughout the world.  Combining the track with everything from clips of the film to stop motion and illustrated animations, these filmmakers have created short, unique pieces that reflect their visions of the VODKA ROCKS! film and title track.

But it’s not just these filmmakers who have the opportunity to create their own shorts.  We’re providing the VODKA ROCKS! title track and plenty of clips from the film, as well as various other images, so that anybody can create their own short piece.  These can be edited in any way imaginable- no ideas are off limits.  The following three videos are just examples of what can be accomplished.

All submissions we receive will be put onto the VODKA ROCKS! Youtube page, and in February there will be a vote for the fan favorite.  Whichever video has the most views will win a prize!

If you are interested in entering, the track is available below for free download.  Send an email to to get some clips and pictures from the film to get started, then let your imagination and editing skills run wild!

Download Title Track


John Rubino Speaks with Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Where did the concept for Vodka Rocks! come from? Why would Charlie Chaplin have been a great fit for the film? If Vodka Rocks! could be described with one smell, what odor would it be?

Comic Book and Movie Review, a site that – you guessed it – reviews comic books and movies of all different kinds, recently spoke with Vodka Rocks! director John Rubino about the origins of the film.  What followed were some very unusual questions, along with some equally interesting answers.  This is certainly not your average interview!

The interview can be found online here:


VODKA ROCKS! Fake 0% Alcohol Product Receives Surprising Reaction From Public

Alright, we admit- our VODKA ROCKS! brand “0% alcohol vodka” isn’t really vodka of any kind.  In fact, it’s nothing but water with a little added flavor and coloring.  But we found that even flavored water, when put into a nice bottle with a logo on it, can be sold.

We were shocked by the reactions our fake product got in Williamsburg and Dumbo, Brooklyn, when we took it to the streets.  Not only did people say they enjoyed the product, but some even showed interest in purchasing it.  Even those who did not enjoy it never questioned if the product was fake. Why would anyone believe that a product such as non-alcoholic vodka could possibly be for sale? The answer is simple: branding.

Since we were walking around with a branded bottle, branded teeshirts, postcards, napkins, and shot glasses, the legitimacy of the product was never questioned.  In fact, we believed that this was the only reason people were willing to try our product in the first place.  To prove this, we set up an experiment. We walked around the same neighborhoods with the same exact product, but without any logos or brand names in sight. The results were just what we expected: nobody stopped to try it.

What does this tell us? The power of branding plays a huge role in the perceptions and decisions of the everyday consumer.  We found that people will place all of their trust in a branded product- even if the brand is fake.  But don’t just take it from us: Our VODKA ROCKS! reveal video shows it all!

Stream VODKA ROCKS! for FREE this Weekend!

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