MTV promotes teenage pregnancy rates?

Not only has MTV managed to make teenage pregnancy glamorous but it looks like its mediatization of a teenager’s life might have led to her losing custody of her child. Congratulations, we couldn’t have thought up a  better script to demonstrate the power of media. It is unclear whether Amber who has been on the show for months has lost custody of her daughter Leah through the intervention of family services or by her own decision.

Amber with daughter Leah

She might have decided with the father that a 2-year old should not to have to face every day the mob of photographers sitting outside Amber’s home. The fact that Amber attacked physically Leah’s father on TV might have contributed to that decision. We all know how much reality television favors, and fuels, exaggerated conflict on the screen. Makes for higher audience statistics.

This year 2010 there has been a report of the first increase in teenage pregnancies in years, whether due in part to shows such as MTV’s has not yet been established:

Take a good look at … nothing.

Billboard advertising clean air

This has to be the best ad of the year: promoting … nothingness. It has been commissioned by the … government as a work of art, at the border between Canada and the USA. Just goes to prove even the government can be unpredictable. Its avowed purpose is to bring awareness to ecology. It looks like it’s made of hair, just like the tons  that were shed by Americans to help contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. How apt.

Made out of hair?

But we see in it the negative of all the ads it could have been: for products that claim to make your body fit the norm, your mind fit the norm, raise your social status always higher, increase your success with women, make you a better mother and housekeeper, and of course all the products that will generally increase your tendency to obesity.

The stunning installation has been designed by Lead Pencil Studio, link below. Their website is so smart it’s pretty user unfriendly.

Thanks to Nadine Hajjar for bringing to our attention.

Sex and Sox

Sex sells, – witness the fact that you have just confirmed  the “SEX” tab as the most clicked upon tab of the website. The Hollywood Reporter guestimates the size of the porn industry at about $13 billion, – more than the $10.6 Hollywood theatrical business. So why not use sex to sell sox, – the one object of clothing that’s the least sexy when left on in flagrante, (apologies to pre-worn fetishists and Japanese schoolgirl aficionados)? We use sex to sell everything else.

Of course Vodka Rocks! does have plenty of sex. But as Artie says, if you want a hard-on, you’ll have to whip out your credit card.

Published by: John Rubino