The 10 most random things!

You know, and we know, that if you have a blog, you need to have at least one entry with a list. Here’s ours. It’s a list of random things, and that can be very useful when you’re in need of random things and can’t quite come up with them, we’ve already done the work for you:

a raisin


a headache


a car




Benjamin Franklin

the Renaissance


challenge our neurones

We of the Vodka Rocks! team pride ourselves in thinking outside the box. We’re taking it one step further: let’s put the box upside down. The North Pole has been on top of the world for several centuries, Europe than the US bang in the center of the world. That’s long enough, they’ve had their turn. Let’s look at it from the South’s point of view for the next centuries. Oh yeah, and Black from now on will start first in games.

We’ll enjoy training our neurones to picture a different image of the world. It’s good exercise.