The World a large tennis court?

The most exhilarating tennis game yet!

Political analysts around the world have suggested that the election of Barak Obama was a major factor in the rise of the Arab Spring. Citizens in the Arab world who were dissatisfied with their regime were incited to action by an election which had seemed inconceivable to most of the world: an American president of African descent with a Muslim middle name! If such a mobilisation of the population had happened in the USA, it suddenly seemed possible for individuals in Arab countries to exercise their political power, with the help of social media.

The ball went from the US court to the Arab world court. Then it came back to the US: many of us Americans were awed by the Arab Spring: change was still possible? We were not powerless against global corporations, lobbyists, financial manipulators, dictatorial politicians? We also wanted our spring. It had to wait until the fall to get together. And now many supporters from the Arab world, are sending messages of encouragements, just as Americans sent theirs during the protests of the Arab Spring. The ball is still going back and forth. One unfortunate effect of this non competitive tennis game is Bloomberg’s latest politics. He’s observed that dictators such as Mubarak and al Assad stayed in power for a very long time by repressing the opposition, and he’s bringing these politics to our city. Bloomberg, New York City dictator for life?

By the way, we are quite exultant that we were at Zuccotti Park on the very first day. Yes. We’re not bandwagon jumpers (though we’ll jump on any bandwagon aiming for fame and riches that passes near)  Check it out: 

QR what?!

video clip from new movie vodka rocks

QR code to one of our favorite clips.

You have probably seen QR codes by now. They seem to pop up everywhere. QR is short for Quick Response. They are popular on posters for films, especially the film posters posted in the subways. The QR code is usually a 1’ x 1’ sized imprint in the form of a black checkered box, reminiscent of the old Ralston Purina brand symbol.

Rum fantasy clip from new film Vodka Rocks!

QR code will take you to a world of fantasy.

Using a QR code reader, downloadable for free on most smartphones, a user is able to translate the QR code into a message or is transported through the phone’s browser to a website for more information or entertainment. The QR is scanned by using a cellphone’s camera as a scanner. It’s easy. And it links the real world with the virtual. No need to remember bizarre website urls anymore, and type them painstakingly on a mobile.

The QR code works very similar to a SKU, those bar code symbols on packaged goods which upon scanning instantly tell a cashier the price of the item.

Which is the reason the producers of SkuFlix have adopted them.
If you haven’t already, download a QR app on your iPhone, your Android,  any smartphone, and read us…

Vodka Rocks!, the latest film from SkuFlix

Or this one, for a new concept.

Information about the new independent film Vodka Rocks!
Check it out.