So, it’s finally here! The video that you all have been waiting for eagerly. The video that unveils the man behind the boot. The video that talks candidly to our our next presidential candidate. The video that will make you laugh, cry and uncomfortable at times. The video called “VERMIN SUPREME UNVEILED” premieres today! Check out the link below!


We were surprised that Vermin was such a gentleman, we thought he might be full of himself, as performers often are, but that wasn’t the case at all! He’s truly fun and funny, and real. He told us he lives in a small primitive cabin in the woods which helps him reconvene after his madcap brushes with police, politicians, and the audience. He endeared himself to everyone that evening, including the audience, the crew, and Jalopy staff. All without having to rely on the usual politician-esq lies and fake smiles. He’s also intelligent, articulate and educated… something that doesn’t always come across in his clowning! He knows what he’s doing. He really hopes for America to get better, without personal gain. In short, he’s exactly what politicians should be, and never are.

Vermin Supreme attended the Vodka Rocks! expanded screening experience as a panelist to take part in the discussion about actitainment (entertainment and activism– for those of you who STILL don’t know) at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. What followed was a heated discussion and a candid interview on who Vermin Supreme is and what it is that he does. Check out the video below and pass it along to your friends to see Mr. Supreme in all his glory! The entire panel discussion video will be coming soon! So, stay tuned!



Hail to the next president of the United States of America! Vermin Supreme graced us with his presence at our “actitainment” panel for the second “Vodka Rocks!” event at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. And let me tell you, it was awesome! He made a grand entrance to Hail to the Chief with his toy pony in hand and the crowd went wild!

Vermin was very candid and very eloquent about his personal politics, his image in the media, and real change in the government. He opened up to us and was the most out of character we had ever seen him! People think they know Vermin, but we KNOW we know Vermin and if you had joined us on that amazing night, well you could have gotten to know him too. Don’t sweat! We’ll still fill you in because we are cool like that 🙂

“My fans spread the political spectrum from far left to far right. They do not all agree with my personal politics, but they appreciate the fact that I am presenting this critique of politics in the electoral system”, Vermin said during the event. He is fully aware of how is perceived in the political arena, but he knows it’s necessary for someone to do what he does, so the people can know the real issues at hand. Of course, what it is that he does is up for discussion– and he knows that too. That’s what much of the discussion was about: humor in relation to politics and using it as a platform to bring about real change.

It was an amazing and successful night with all our panelists. We had Divad Durant and Keil Troisi who work with the Yes Men, Della Dare, aptly named as a burlesque performer, John Rubino, writer/ director of Vodka Rocks! (duh) and Vermin Supreme! Now, you might think, ‘wow those speakers are so different from another.’ Yes, and no. They all have entertainment and activism in common and the guts to do more damage to the government and bring a smile to our faces that you and I can.

It was a fun night filled with vodka and Twitter competitions, Q&A session with the panelists, mingling with Vermin and, of course, a screening of the film Vodka Rocks!

Keep an eye out for an exclusive video of the event titled “Vermin Supreme Unveiled” coming soon! You’ll find out what makes Vermin tick and what he really thinks of Randall Terry! I know you’re getting excited as you read, so don’t calm down! We love excitement… especially for actitainment!