VODKA ROCKS! is a hit!

In the beginning, our film project VODKA ROCKS! was criticized for its seemingly open support of vodka and alcohol. This was never our intention- our film is about the marketing and promotion behind the vodka, not the vodka itself. Nevertheless, we understood that people might get the wrong message from our film title, and so to prove this we set out to create an entirely new product: The world’s first 0% alcohol vodka!

Yes, that’s right- made from wheat and a special distillation process, we were able to capture the smooth taste of fine Vodka and deliver it to you without the hangover. Sure, non-alcoholic Vodka might at first seem counter-productive, but take a second to think about it. Think about the designated driver, who’s kind enough to offer you a ride back home but doesn’t want to stand in the corner watching you drink. The ex-alcoholic, who wants to stay away from alcohol while still being social. The pregnant woman craving the taste of a nice cold mixed drink. The partygoer who might have had to take medication before going out, but who doesn’t want to miss out on the activities. The religious man or woman, who doesn’t drink, but doesn’t let that get in the way of joining their friends. With our VODKA ROCKS! brand vodka, everyone can enjoy the party without feeling left out.

Last weekend, our brand ambassadors took to the streets of New York City to see what the public had to say. Unsurprisingly, we received raving reviews! Commuters were happy to take a shot on their way to work, knowing that it would not affect their performance. Groups of friends and families were thrilled that they could enjoy the drink so openly- and legally- on the street. Almost everybody commented on the smooth quality and subtle flavors of the drink, and some even enjoyed it so much that they demanded seconds!

This whole family loved VODKA ROCKS!
Another satisfied customer!
Even the police wanted to try it!

The VODKA ROCKS! Film is not about our 0% alcohol vodka product. It is about products in general, about advertising and marketing a brand to the fullest. And that’s precisely what we’re doing here: making our brand, and backing it up 100%! We believe that you have the right to choose what you drink, and the right to join your friends no matter what your beliefs, age, or physical condition might be. Buy what you believe in, and always defend your brand- in doing so you are defending your beliefs and your freedom!


** Catch us in Williamsburg this weekend at the Brooklyn Flea and get you own free sample of Vodka Rocks! Who can say “No” to a free shot?