VODKA ROCKS! Fake 0% Alcohol Product Receives Surprising Reaction From Public

Alright, we admit- our VODKA ROCKS! brand “0% alcohol vodka” isn’t really vodka of any kind.  In fact, it’s nothing but water with a little added flavor and coloring.  But we found that even flavored water, when put into a nice bottle with a logo on it, can be sold.

We were shocked by the reactions our fake product got in Williamsburg and Dumbo, Brooklyn, when we took it to the streets.  Not only did people say they enjoyed the product, but some even showed interest in purchasing it.  Even those who did not enjoy it never questioned if the product was fake. Why would anyone believe that a product such as non-alcoholic vodka could possibly be for sale? The answer is simple: branding.

Since we were walking around with a branded bottle, branded teeshirts, postcards, napkins, and shot glasses, the legitimacy of the product was never questioned.  In fact, we believed that this was the only reason people were willing to try our product in the first place.  To prove this, we set up an experiment. We walked around the same neighborhoods with the same exact product, but without any logos or brand names in sight. The results were just what we expected: nobody stopped to try it.

What does this tell us? The power of branding plays a huge role in the perceptions and decisions of the everyday consumer.  We found that people will place all of their trust in a branded product- even if the brand is fake.  But don’t just take it from us: Our VODKA ROCKS! reveal video shows it all!

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