VODKA ROCKS! Video Challenge Continues!

We have two new video entries for our Vodka Rocks! video challenge, with some very original and creative ideas.  Our challenge allows anyone to take the Vodka Rocks! Title Track song and use it to edit their own short video, using clips from the movie, still images, or anything else that comes to mind.

Here are two more examples of what our fans created:

To see more entries and find out more about the contest, the original blog post can be found here:

VODKA ROCKS! Video Challenge

The VODKA ROCKS! title sound track, which is available for free online, has been the source of inspiration for several filmmakers throughout the world.  Combining the track with everything from clips of the film to stop motion and illustrated animations, these filmmakers have created short, unique pieces that reflect their visions of the VODKA ROCKS! film and title track.

But it’s not just these filmmakers who have the opportunity to create their own shorts.  We’re providing the VODKA ROCKS! title track and plenty of clips from the film, as well as various other images, so that anybody can create their own short piece.  These can be edited in any way imaginable- no ideas are off limits.  The following three videos are just examples of what can be accomplished.

All submissions we receive will be put onto the VODKA ROCKS! Youtube page, and in February there will be a vote for the fan favorite.  Whichever video has the most views will win a prize!

If you are interested in entering, the track is available below for free download.  Send an email to to get some clips and pictures from the film to get started, then let your imagination and editing skills run wild!

Download Title Track


John Rubino Speaks with Comic Book and Movie Reviews

Where did the concept for Vodka Rocks! come from? Why would Charlie Chaplin have been a great fit for the film? If Vodka Rocks! could be described with one smell, what odor would it be?

Comic Book and Movie Review, a site that – you guessed it – reviews comic books and movies of all different kinds, recently spoke with Vodka Rocks! director John Rubino about the origins of the film.  What followed were some very unusual questions, along with some equally interesting answers.  This is certainly not your average interview!

The interview can be found online here: