And the Winner Is…

Our Vodka Rocks! Creative Video Contest has come to an end, and we’re happy to have had the chance to see so many talented people come up with such original edits.

The goal of this contest was to take the Vodka Rocks! original sound track, and edit a short creative video that reflected your vision of the music.  We received a wide variety of entries, from trailer-like cuts of clips from the movie, to stop-motion animation, dance footage, and an original illustrated animation.  We couldn’t choose a winner ourselves from the entries, so we left it to our fans to decide.  We decided that by Tuesday March 5th, whichever entry had gained the most views on YouTube would be declared the winner.

We’d like to congratulate Bozzo for generating the most views with his video entry, an original take on the track that mixes footage of dancing with the theme of alcohol (two things that seem to go together quite often).  Bozzo says about himself,

My ambitions are to work hard and learn every day. I create lots of intro and outro effects for videos, convert videos to cartoon animations, and do all kinds of video production related things.

 My inspiration is a kind of talent for the arts. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina in town Tuzla, am all self taught, and I love to work with video effects. The Vodka Rocks! music is very good and the track inspired me- it has a nice tempo.

His video entry can be seen here:

Choosing a single winner was not such an easy task, however.  We know that views alone do not determine the quality of a video, and there are other measurements that can be used to show how much a video was enjoyed.  Lokesh Todi’s entry, a fun combination of clips from the film, gained the second most views but also had the most comments and likes.  Because of this, we’d also like to announce Lokesh Todi as another winner, alongside Bozzo! His entry can be seen here:

Congratulations to both of our winners, we will be contacting you soon with the details of your prizes.  And we’d like to say thank you once again to all of our contestants!  Every entry submitted was unique, well edited, and a pleasure to watch.  Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean your works of art are, and we will continue sharing your videos with others around the world!

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